About Us

About Us

If you want to write a book but don’t know where to start, how to start, or even how to put a book together, Nuance Publishing was established with you in mind.


Self-Publishing Made Easy is our mission, as we assist our writers in every step of the way:


-Starting and finishing the writing process





This step-by-step support ensures that years aren’t unnecessarily spent trying to finish the book and get it into the hands of those whose lives will be changed by it.


We specialize in individuals who are passionate about telling their story and are ready to overcome any obstacles to bringing their vision to life. We don’t discriminate on who we decide to publish or what they decide to write. Your book can be of any genre. Nuance is simply here to help you bring that vision to life with ease and to monetize it while maintaining ownership of your rights and royalties.

Angie Reneé Bio

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Angie Reneé has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. After writing her first book, Angieology: In My Words, she aligned her longtime dream with her passion of literature and helping others and launched Nuance Publishing to assist aspiring authors in bringing their vision and their story to life.


Angie prioritizes building relationships, not just accumulating clients. So relatability and authenticity are essential to her offerings. Those who work with Angie most appreciate her ability to get the job done (and look good doing it) while remaining laid back and down to earth. From just one conversation, you feel like you’ve known her for years. That’s because she speaks a language to women that they not only recognize, but deeply resonate with as well.


Angie isn’t afraid to delve into topics that many consider too taboo or controversial. In fact, she’s passionate about speaking on subjects that many won’t even touch, hence her popular hashtag: #RealTruthAintPopular.


Since releasing her first book and launching Nuance Publishing, she’s authored three more titles: 20 Beautiful Women Vol. 2; The Modern Day Entrepreneur; and Him and Her/What They Said: The Uncut Thoughts and Beliefs of Men and Women About Sex, Love, and Marriage. She’s also been featured on The Huffington Post, Mind Globe, Love 860, and was a featured columnist in the historically treasured St. Louis Argus.


Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Angie enjoys teaching and especially learning from her brilliant daughter/kidpreneur, Kapri Reneé. Together, they own and operate The Kapri Store, which can be found online at www.TheKapriStore.com.

For more information on Angie, be sure to visit www.AngieRenee.com.


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